Air Handler with Micro-Channel

13 SEER Air Handler

Air Handler with Micro-Channel

The B6BMMX air handler is a reliable, durable air handling choice. This model is designed using expertly engineered components, including a galvanized steel cabinet coated in a corrosion-resistant finish and an innovative Micro-Channel coil. Micro-Channel coil technology is designed to increase eco-friendliness (by using less refrigerant) and increase durability. A thick layer of insulation lessens noise associated with operation.

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Wall Mount Air Handler

The B6BW delivers reliable, durable air handling performance when properly paired with a Frigidaire air conditioner or heat pump. This particular model can be mounted on the wall - making it ideal for apartments or condos. This unit has been designed with durability in mind. It is constructed with a corrosion-resistant drain pan and galvanized steel. Is steel not your thing? This model includes the option of a decorative white panel.

14 - 15 SEER Fixed Speed Air Handler

The B6EMMX air handler is designed with durability and quality in mind. This air handling unit features an energy-efficient motor that helps maximize the efficiency of most air conditioners and heat pumps. Plus, it features a galvanized steel cabinet and a Micro-Channel coil for increased durability. Smooth blower on and off cycles help reduce the amount of noise associated with running the unit.

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Vertical Wall Mount Air Handler

The B6EW provides complete home comfort quietly and efficiently. This model is mounted on the wall, making it ideal for apartments, condos or other multi-family residences. However, it can be a great fit for any homeowner who requires a wall-mount air handling solution. This model features innovative Micro-Channel coil technology for increased durability and eco-friendliness. Plus, it features an energy-efficient motor that can be configured to match any installation application.

Up to 25.5 SEER iQ Drive Variable Speed Air Handler

13 - 19 SEER ECM Variable Speed Air Handler

The B6VMAX improves home comfort through a combination of exceptional design and innovative components. This unit features variable-speed operation. Not only does variable-speed technology improve home comfort, but it promotes quiet operation as well. An air conditioner or heat pump properly matched with this variable-speed air handler will experience maximum efficiency potential - saving you money over the system’s lifetime.

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Variable-Speed Air Handler

Are you looking to increase home comfort and maximize the efficiency of your air conditioner or heat pump? The B6VMMX variable-speed air handler provides all of this and more. Not only will your home benefit from the comfort provided by variable-speed operation, but you’ll experience less noise associated with operation and increased system durability due to innovative Micro-Channel coil technology. When properly paired with most models of air conditioners and heat pumps, you can maximize efficiency and potentially see a decrease in your utility bill spending.

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Up to 14 SEER, Single-Stage, Split System Air Conditioner

Up to 15 SEER, Single-Stage, Split System Air Conditioner